Dan Fogelberg 1951-2007


Dan Fogelberg passed away yesterday after a long battle with prostate cancer.

In my college years, Dan Fogelberg was my absolute favorite artist. At that time I owned every album that he had put out, and wore more than one of them out playing them over and over. He was not only a great singer, but, a great song writer. He will be greatly missed…

Here’s a clip of him singing the song he was best known for.



  1. Lemuel said,

    December 17, 2007 at 12:54 pm

    Fogelberg was one of those artists who could capture the commonplace and sing and tell it with elegance and grace.

  2. December 17, 2007 at 2:14 pm

    I agree with Lemuel. It’s sad that there doesn’t seem to be many songwriters like him anymore.

  3. Doug said,

    December 17, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    I would not have seen you as a Dan Fogelberg fan. You learn something new every day!

  4. urspo said,

    December 17, 2007 at 11:12 pm

    dear me they are dropping so this year.

  5. Pink said,

    December 18, 2007 at 9:46 am

    very sad.

  6. La Sequencia said,

    December 19, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    My goodness…Dan Fogelberg was my favorite artist when I was in college…hands down. I completely wore out my Netherlands LP. I also really loved Twin Sons of Different Mothers. It is indeed a very sad day. He is the only non-classical artist I’ve seen perform live more than once (except Liberace, of course). I really love that we have that in common, dahling.

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