Birthday Party Update

Hello Kiddies!

Most of Saturday was spent in preparing for Night of a Thousand IdiotsTiamat’s Birthday party that evening.

Which meant that every inch of an already spotless house had to be re-cleaned as though we were expecting a visit from the Inspector General. (Which, in a sense, we were…)

And on top of it all, Husbandji started coming down with a head cold.

When I suggested that we reschedule it, he wouldn’t hear of it. (Even when he’s sick, Mommy still comes first!)

Of course, Husbandji had to go pick her up as well. Heaven forbid that one of his brothers do it! So, while he was out getting her, I played host to the rest of the family as they arrived for the festivities.

We chatted and caught up while we waited for the arrival of the Queen of the DamnedTiamat. Shortly thereafter, she arrived.


I don’t know what to make of this, boys and girls.

Because, believe it or not, Tiamat was actually pretty well behaved for the evening.

Now don’t get me wrong. There were still a few annoying instances.

Just not nearly the number that I have grown accustomed to!

Case in point. When Husbandji arrived with Tiamat, I went out to help him bring in the pizzas that we had ordered for the party. (He had picked these up on his way back from his mother’s.)

I mentioned that everyone had already arrived.

Tiamat said “Everyone’s already here?”

I replied: “Yes. We told people to come at 6, and it’s 6:30.” (Apparently she couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea that people might come to a party on time!)

The rest of the evening was relatively quiet! (I was starting to wonder if some family members had been replaced by pod-people!)

Never fear, dear readers! Tiamat did manage to come through with one good story!

Apparently, there is a thief in her community.

A very honest thief though!

She happened to notice that three of the four screws that hold the vanity plate on her car were suddenly rusty.

Which led her to believe that someone actually unscrewed three of her “good screws” and replaced them with rusty ones!!!!!

And the reason that she knows that they were stolen, is that she paid $1.25 for each of the screws, so she knows that they wouldn’t rust!

My response on hearing this story?

“Well, there’s a screw loose somewhere…”.

So, other than this and a few minor annoyances, it was the most normal party that I have ever attended with this family.

Which has me worried.

Because this means that either Tiamat is finally maturing in her old age, or, and I find this to be a scary thought, I am starting to think that all of this foolishness and mayhem is normal!

Pray for me kiddies…..pray for me…….


Lo! I Have Returned!!

Hello My Minions!

I hope that I didn’t worry anyone unnecessarily.

I’ve been feeling burnt out lately and decided to take a short break.

As it turned out, it was very short!

Anyway….things are going into high gear around the Ashram as Night of a Thousand Idiots preparations for Tiamat’s 417th 75th birthday party are taking place for tomorrow night!

I’ll laugh! I’ll cry! I’ll kiss away four hours of my life that I’ll never get back!

And I’ll be reporting all of it HERE for you, my loyal readers!

See you then!!!

On Hiatus

Be back soon…

Paging Doctor Freud!

I had a really weird dream last night.

I was in a bedroom with white walls and dark brown furniture. It had three sets of French doors, and they were open with the wind moving the long white curtains that hung to either side.

Suddenly I was in the adjoining bathroom in a t-shirt and boxers and my mother was washing my deceased dog Buddy’s face at the sink! Buddy was standing at the sink on his hind legs, with his front paws on the edge and my mother was washing his face for some reason.

A this point, I felt my left side, and noticed that it hurt. I lifted my t-shirt and saw a blemish, sort of like a blackhead. I poked at the blemish and a two dimensional, lavender lotus flower came out of the blemish!

And with that I woke up.

What the Hell did that mean?

Readers? Anybody?

Happy Easter!!


Upen Patel Saturday



Super Trouper


Spring has Sprung!

Arthur C. Clarke 1917-2008

Arthur C. Clarke passed away earlier today at the age of 90.

He was one of the greats of Science Fiction, and one of my personal favorites.

I first read his works when I was in high school, and I have been a fan of his ever since.

He was best known as the author of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

My personal favorite was Childhood’s End. I still have the paperback version of it that I bought back in 1975.

May he rest in peace…


Fabulous! Enjoy!!

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