Drips and Drabs

Hello My Minions!

Oy! Such a busy, busy, week it’s been!

Today was the first day that I could actually sleep in until the sinfully late time of 7:30! (Normally I am up at 5:30 almost every day!)

It looks like I will be getting the new car tomorrow! Woo-Hoo! I will try to post pictures this weekend, but, the next three days are going to be busy ones!

Friday I have to run around getting the new car insured, registered and (hopefully) inspected and still be back home in time to make guacamole dip for a family gathering at Husbandji’s brother A’s house at 3:30!

Saturday I have to get my roots dyed a haircut and run some other errands only to go to yet another family gathering at 4:00 at Husbandji’s niece’s house (it’s her birthday, the dear!)!

And, of course, Tiamat will be in attendance at BOTH events! Ack!

I was hoping that Tiamat wouldn’t be going to the Saturday event, as “A” is taking her to see Julius LaRosa at some Italian festival in Connecticut. But apparently Mr. LaRosa won’t be performing until 9PM that night, so that will give Tiamat plenty of time to ruin everybody’s good time attend.

And as Husbandji’s brother “M” and his wife “IW” will also be attending both events, I should have plenty of material for next week!

Sunday we will be going to my folks to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday!

And then back to work on Monday!

I need a vacation from my vacation…


What’s on Your Mind?

Anyone remember Information Society? They were faaaaabulous!

It’s a New Car!!!

Today I purchased a new (used) car!!

It is a 2003 Toyota Camry LE and it is fabulous!!

I may have it as early as this weekend! Pictures to follow!!


Because You Clamored for It!

More photos of Teddyji!!

On Vacation

Hello My Minions!

Husbandji and I are on vacation this week, so posting may be sporadic.

We aren’t straying too far from the Ashram, but, I don’t know how often I’ll be online this week.

Talk to you soon!

Honey Honey

More magic from ABBA! Enjoy!!

Vikings and Spam

I only hope that when Ur-Spo learns about the history of the Vikings that they haven’t left this chapter out:

Akshay Kumar Friday


Losing my Mind

Hello Kiddies!

Here’s a blast from the past, back when Liza was still fabulous!!

Oh, and did you know that a certain duo produced the album that this song came from?


Hrithik Roshan Wednesday


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