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Drips and Drabs

Not much to report here kids.

Thanksgiving was the usual foolishness and mayhem with Tiamat.

It isn’t even worth a posting of it’s own as she did the same crap she does every year.

She whined, she complained, she made a pig of herself at dinner (shoveling it in even before Grace was said, the cow!!) and then after the meal she started clearing away plates to start washing them while people were still eating.

Sigh. Why doesn’t she just die? I ask you.

On the plus side, I’m finding that imbibing¬†alcohol at these events is helping me very nicely thank you, in ignoring her completely! ūüėČ

There was much talk about M and IW not participating in the family “Secret Santa” gift exchange, yet they could still afford a stupid pizza party for IW. (They don’t come for Thanksgiving anymore, as they go to IW’s daughter’s house for the day. No loss there at all…)

Christmas night, when we do the exchange, and if M and IW even come (which I’m laying odds that they don’t!) should be very interesting…

On Friday, my place of employment was open, so I worked. Thankfully it was as dead as a tomb in there so I got a lot done!

Husbandji took the day off to get the house ready, as we were having a friend of his, “N”, ¬†from work, over for the evening. (We all work for the same company, but not in the same departments.)

N¬†is a sweet gay guy in his mid twenties (Christ! I could be his father. How depressing…) and we spent most of the evening talking about other people at work and trashing them! Such fun!!

Today Husbandji is helping his brother A with some project at his house, and I’m sure that Tiamat had to tag along to “see the baby” (aka The Darling Nephew, who, as he is turning 4 this January, is no longer a “baby”, but she’s a stupid cow, so what can you do…)

Tonight, we’ll probably just stay in and watch the latest offerings from Netflix, and tomorrow I hope to get the last of the leaves raked up before Winter sets in!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


May we enjoy the bounty of the season, and be truly grateful for the blessings of this life…

More “Freakazoid Dog Ju-Ju” (As AZ So Aptly Put it!)

For the last two days there has been a stray dog roaming around the neighborhood.

I first encountered him when I took Teddyji out for his evening walk on Monday.

We had just walked down our driveway and stopped at the next door neighbor’s mailbox for Teddyji to pee on to admire the mailbox’s design, when I happen to look up to see this dog sitting not ten feet away from us!

He (or she) was just sitting there. He wasn’t being aggressive or anything and seemed¬†just content to¬†stare at Teddyji, but, it gave me enough of a start to pick up Teddyji and march right back into the Ashram!

I told Husbandj about it and let Teddyji out in the backyard (which is fenced in).

“What is the deal with all of these dogs all of a sudden?!!!” I said to Husbandji.

He was out there again the next morning, so once again Teddyji was let out in the back yard.

After Teddyji was back in the house, I went back outside to see if I could get the dog to come to me, as I could see that he was wearing a collar, and as I had mentioned before, he wasn’t being agressive or anything.

He wouldn’t come when I called to him, and I knew better than to try to corner him, so I went back inside and called my friends at Animal Control. The person that I spoke with said that they would call the officer on duty. I was home for the next two hours and as far as I knew they never came.

The dog was gone when I went to work, but, I didn’t think for a moment that Animal Control had come and picked him up.

And sure enough, when I came home that evening, I saw him roaming the neighborhood!

By this time I was convinced that he was lost, but, I didn’t know what else to do!

Calling Animal Control didn’t seem to do any good, so I tried to go out again to see if the dog would come to me.

Only this time the dog was nowhere in sight.

He wasn’t anywhere last night when I walked Teddyji or this morning either.

So either Animal Control did come by and get him, or he found his way home on his own.

Or he’s still out there somewhere.

I’ll keep you posted if I see him again.

And in the meantime, I’m sending out a prayer to Lord Anpu to see if I can get rid of this dog juju!!

Possibly The Next Doctor…


There are strong rumors that Paterson Joseph may land the role as the next incarnation of The Doctor!

If so, he would be the first black actor in the show’s history to play the role!

Only time will tell…

Drips and Drabs

Well, this cold hit me pretty hard as of Thursday night.

So hard that I called in sick on Friday and have done nothing until this morning.

Thank the Gods that UPS dropped this off Thursday night as well!!

So I have been awash in Time-Lordy Goodness for the last two days!!

In other news, we¬†participate in¬†a “Secret Santa Gift Exchange” with¬†both families every year, and for Husbandji’s side we decided to decrease the dollar amount spent on the gifts, as the economy was hitting some family members harder than others.

Regardless, it came as no surprise to me at all, when we heard from Husbandji’s brother “M”, that they had decided that, even with the dollar amount¬†decrease, they would not be participating in it this year.

What WAS a complete surprise, was that they were planning on celebrating IW’s (Idiot Wife’s) birthday at a local pizza parlor AGAIN this year at their expense, in early December!!

These people are basically living at the poverty level. They can’t afford to participate in a family tradition, which given their financial situation,¬†I can understand.

But they can afford to spend money that they don’t have on a pizza party, and it isn’t even a landmark birthday!!

She’s turning 61!!!!!

The members of the family who have heard about this are just shaking their heads.

It’s just another¬†example of M¬†showing to¬†his side of the family, that¬†his own little “nuclear family” consisting of himself, IW and her side of the family, is more important¬†to him than his own brothers and mother.

I told Husbandji that I was surprised that we were even being invited to the birthday party, but, Husbandji assumes that the reason that we are, is so that IW will receive more presents!


Husbandji also had to come to Tiamat’s rescue last night over a matter of dire importance.

Tiamat had been babysitting The Darling Nephew at her house yesterday, and the little imp has somehow managed to screw up her television!!

And since television is as necessary to Tiamat as air, Husbandji had to rush right over to fix it!

Later that evening, after he had gotten home, I could hear him on the phone with someone.

When I asked him who he was talking to, he replied “My mother”.

I said to him, “Your mother, whom you just SAW an hour ago?!”.

He said, “Yeah, I was calling to say Good-Night to her before she went to bed”.

Let’s all say it together boys and girls:

MAMA’S BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all I have for now kids!

But this Thanksgiving should provide me with plenty of tales to tell, as we are eating with Husbandji’s family this year, and as always, Tiamat will be in attendance!!

Paging Harvey Fierstein!

The bad news is that my cold is now travelling into my throat and chest.

The good news is that I have never sounded more butch when I speak! ūüôā

Doctor Who’s Origins

Click here to read a very interesting article on how Doctor Who came to be made!

Update on the Pit Bulls

I just had a call from Animal Control.

The owners of those dogs apparently have fulfilled all of the conditions that the city required in order to get them back. The animals are being neutered today, and will be back with their owners by tomorrow.

To say that I am not happy about this is an understatement.

The only good thing about this is that if the owners are this serious about getting their dogs back, then they will probably be vigilant about keeping the dogs in their kennel when they are outside.

And I did confirm with Animal Control that if the dogs get loose even one time, that Animal Control will come and get them and have them euthanized.

And that will be that.

Hardly comforting news, but, it’s better than nothing…

So I will be calling around the neighborhood tonight to tell everyone the news.


Classic Cartoons From My Youth

They don’t make shows like these anymore! Enjoy!!

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