Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Hello Everyone

Just another quick post.

Over the weekend my father developed a touch of pneumonia (!), which the doctors attributed to his staying in bed for too long, and not working on clearing his lungs as is recommended after surgery (see the details here.).

Also he’s running a slight fever, which they feel is due to an infection. At this point they are administering antibiotics and an Infectious Disease specialist is supposed to see him today.

I’ll keep you posted as I hear more. Talk to you soon.

Update (03/30/09 9:57EST): Dad had a good night last night. They’ve determined that his white blood cell count is low and are looking into treating it. More information as I know. TTFN!

03/30/2009 2:15PM (EST):  I just spoke with my sister (the Controller). I was misinformed about the white blood cell count situation. It was up, now it is going down, which is a good thing! They are still trying to determine what the infection is all about, but, my father is feeling much better today, so hopefully this was just a “blip”!


Long Overdue Update

Hello My Minions!

Sorry for the delay in posting much lately. Between my father, this ongoing cold (which FINALLY seems to be going away!) and work, I just haven’t had much time to go online for the past week, never mind forming thoughts to put a coherent post together!

My father is getting better day by day. They started him on solid foods yesterday, and they may transfer him back to the rehab hospital either today or tomorrow to build up his strength yet again.

Once again, I can’t thank everyone enough for their comments and emails. They mean the world to me!

In other news:

We had Tiamat’s 784th 76th birthday celebration this past weekend.

She was as irritating as ever.

Besides her usual screeching, shouting orders and her altogether being just a general pain in the ass, she practically disabled my poor Teddyji by pulling him up on her fat lap by his front paws!!

His yelp of pain had me rushing over to them to see if he was alright. He jumped off of her lap after that and was walking around without any problem, so it is for that reason, and that reason alone that I am not in jail for murder and that her fat, cold, lifeless body isn’t lying in the city morgue!!

Stupid Cow!!!

And the Darling Nephew isn’t exactly “darling” in my eyes right now.

After being told numerous times by myself, his mother and his father not to touch my Steiff tigers, which perch on the back of an overstuffed chair in our spare bedroom, I discovered during the evening that he knocked them off of the chair not once, but TWICE!!!!

I realize that he is only a child, but, after being scolded for doing it the first time, you would think that he would know better than to tempt my wrath again!

Fortunately the tigers weren’t damaged, and I told Husbandji that the next time that he comes over that I am putting the tigers in the Barbie Room, since that room is always shut and locked when his family comes to visit. (He’s out to them as a Gay man, but not as a Barbie collector!).

I know that I’m over-reacting just a tad. It didn’t help matters that I discovered the tigers on the floor right after the Teddyji incident, so I was stilled wired from that, but, these aren’t just toys, and the Darling Nephew has to learn that.

If he asks me where they are the next time he comes over, I’ll tell him that they didn’t like him “manhandling” them, and they went back to India!!

I guess that that’s all for now. Now that my father is on the mend, I hope to have more time to blog. Talk to you all soon!

Good News!!!

Hello Everyone!

Good news!!! My father made it through the surgeries!

They performed a Colostomy and an Ileocystostomy on him.

Both procedures took a total of three hours (much less than we had originally been told to expect.).

After the surgeries, they transferred him to ICU where we able to see him for a short time. 

They had connected him to a breathing tube during the surgery, and kept it in during the night while he was sedated in order to help him breathe.

He had a good night according to the ICU nurse, and my sister was with him this morning when they removed the tube in order to have him breathe on his own. My father was awake and alert for this.

After they removed the tube, my father looked at my sister. He smiled and said to her; “I made it!”

As you can imagine, we are very relieved and very happy, but, we’re not quite out of the woods as yet. The doctors told us that the next couple of days are critical, as they will be closely monitoring my father to make sure that the procedures “took” and that his body won’t reject what they did.

Things are looking promising, but, I would sure appreciate everyone keeping him (and us) in your thoughts and prayers for a few more days.


Another Update on My Father

I just got off of the phone with my sister, and my father’s doctors have decided today, that there’s no point in waiting until next Monday to do the operation, because my father is probably as strong as he’s ever going to be.

So the operations have been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 2PM (EST)!!!


So, I’ll be taking off work tomorrow to be there for my mother while my father’s being operated on.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days, okay?

Talk to you soon.

Update on My Father

The doctors have decided to postpone my father’s surgeries until possibly next Monday at this point.

( “Surgeries?” As in “more than one”? Yes. In addition to the colostomy surgery, he will also be having a Suprapubic cystostomy.)

Both surgeries are expected to take about five hours in total, so for the coming week he is being moved back to the rehab hospital that he was previously staying at, in order to build up his strength for the surgeries.

The good news is that his doctor’s are pretty confident about his health and his ability to make it through the surgeries alright.  In fact one doctor was amazed at his heart pumping capicity, which is at 65%. Apparently, this is unheard of in an 80 year old!!

I don’t know how often I’ll be online this week. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

And last but not least, I can’t thank you all enough for all the kind words and emails that I have received. They mean so much to me.


Some Good News and Some not so Good News

I am slowly on the mend, My Minions.

Although my cough is lingering and I still have some nasal drainage, it is much better than earlier in the week.

In other news my father is back in the hospital (a local one this time, thank goodness!) with yet another infection as a result of his catheter.

Only this time the doctors have finally found the source of these reoccurring infections.

It seems that a hole has formed between the wall of his bladder and the wall of his colon. This was allowing urine to enter his colon (which explains the constant diarrhea that he has been experiencing) and fecal matter to enter his bladder (which explains the constant infections).

His only option at this point is to have a surgical procedure that will shut off that portion of his colon and require him to wear a colostomy bag.

Our main concern now is whether my father is strong enough to survive the procedure. He is almost 81 years old and these last few weeks have really knocked the wind out of his sails.

But he can’t go on the way that he has been living.

His surgery will either be tomorrow or this coming Monday.

I probably won’t be back online until after it’s over, one way or the other.

Keep us in your thoughts for the next few days, okay?

Offline for a While

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve come down AGAIN with a really nasty cold.

I’m starting to feel a little better, but, don’t expect much from me for a few more days at least.


A Quick Update on My Father

Hello All!

Just a quick note as I’m getting ready to head over to my folk’s.

My father came home yesterday from the rehab facility and he’s doing much better!

They will be having a visiting nurse and a physical therapist making home visits for a while, but that’s all good.

I just wanted to thank you all again for your kind comments and emails. They have meant a lot to me! 🙂

Talk to you soon!