Is there a Little Fairy in YOUR Home?!


Thoughts on the New Doctor Who

I’m still on the fence as to whether I’m really enjoying the new Doctor Who.

So far, I’ve only seen the first two episodes, and maybe it’s just that I’m still missing David Tennant in the role, but I’m having some difficulty in really getting into the new direction that they seem to be taking the show.

One reviewer said that it was “somthing old being done in a new way”.  And it definitely has a “retro” feel to it so far. In fact, I really feel that this is how they would have done the show in the 60’s had they had present-day technology to do it with.

I think that Matt Smith is doing a bang-up job in the roll of The Doctor, so it may just be my getting used to this new take on the story.

Although, truth be told, I’m having a hard time believing that Winston Churchill would have the TARDIS’ phone number!

We shall see…

Caravan of Love

The Three Meme

Borrowed from Ur-Spo (the Dear!)

Movies I love: 

Auntie Mame 

The Gamera Trilogy (made in the 90’s)

 The Entire Godzilla Film Series 

TV shows I love: 

Doctor Who 

Project Runway 

The Munsters 

Books I love: 

The Joy Luck Club 

The Mists of Avalon 

The Ramayana 

Authors I love: 

Amy Tan 

Lian Hearn 

Michael Thomas Ford 

Comic book characters I love: 

Green Lantern 

The Mighty Thor 

Earl and Mooch (Mutts)

Songs I love: 

Love Train (The O’Jays) 

 Dancing Queen (ABBA) 

Miracles (Pet Shop Boys) 

Musical artists I love: 

Anoushka Shankar 

Dan Fogelberg

Annie Lennox

Musical groups/bands I love: 

Pet Shop Boys 

The O’Jays 


Musicals I love: 




Types of music I love: 

World Music 


 80’s Pop

Outdoor physical activities I love to engage in: 



People Watching 

Sports I love to participate in: 

“Indoor Gymnastics” 



Board games I love to play: 


Trivial Pursuit 


Hobbies I love to indulge in: 



Collecting Steiff Tigers 

Things I suck at but love to do: 

Bossing around Husbandji 


Build Gundam Models  

Foods I love: 




Drinks I love: 



Red Zinger Iced Tea 

Desserts I love: 

Blueberry Pie 


Carrot Cake 

Vegetables I love: 




Restaurants I love: 




Artists I love: 




Places I love: 


York, Maine 

Martha’s Vineyard 

Items I love that I own: 


An antique thangka of Mahakala 

My books 

Things I am trying to get better at doing: 

Housekeeping (to Husbandji’s standards at any rate…) 

Not worrying 

Not procrastinating 

Things I would not want to live without: 

My family 



Tired Old Queen at the Movies (#28)

Shower Update

Girls, if you can, always marry a handyman!

Husbandji was able to replace the shower handle so we can put away the pliers and use the shower like normal people again!

Plus that buys us some time in deciding on what to do about the shower itself. I’ll keep you posted as things develop!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Shower Blues

This morning, after Husbandji took his shower, he told me that he noticed that there was a CRACK in the floor of the tub!

The tub is less than five years old. Ack.

We had previously noticed what we thought was just a scratch in the tub. It has been there for quite some time, and we assumed that it was nothing to worry about.

But, oh yeah, I checked it out and it is definitely a crack.

When I got in the shower, Husbandji went down to the basement to see if there was any water leaking through, and fortunately there wasn’t.

So we assumed that we had a little time to find a bathroom refitter/plumber to have the tub replaced.

Except that when I finished my shower and went to turn off the water, the handle made a “snapping” noise and the water didn’t turn off.

Double Ack!

So I screamed called for Husbandji and he brought his pliers and was able to shut off the water from where the handle broke.

So now it is a little more urgent to have the tub and fixtures replaced.

Can I come over to your houses to shower while that’s going on?!!!! 😦

I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet!

Remember Pat and Mick?!! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!!

Bollywood Thursday!

This is “Shut Up and Bounce!” from the film Dostana, featuring Abhishek Bacchan and the luscious John Abraham! Enjoy!!

Yes, I am a Fanboy

I realize that most of you will not get this, but, trust me. It is hilarious!

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