And So, My Dahlings, I’m Back!

Has it been a month and a half already?!!

Time flies, doesn’t it?

Well! I wish that I could say that I have been on a spiritual pilgrimage to India, or shopping at the faaaaabulous department stores of Tokyo, or some other Auntie Mame-ish type of adventure all this time, but, alas, all the time gone has been spent at the Ashram and being mundane.

I still cannot access my blog at work, nor can I access most of yours, my dahlings, which explains the lack of comments from moi. So most of my “meaty” postings will have to be done on the weekend, or the odd evening when Husbandji and I aren’t having red hot monkey sex are spending a quiet, uneventful evening at home.

I’m home today because I took a “vacation day” off from work to bring Teddyji to the groomers and to do some other odds and ends around the Ashram.

Let me bring you up to speed with the past few weeks:

Tiamat is still being Tiamat. We’re STILL waiting to see if she will get any vision back in her eye or not. Husbandji doesn’t think that she will, but, he hasn’t given up hope just yet.

We had a call from the vet this morning. Teddyji had gone in for his yearly check-up this past weekend, and the lab tests came back this morning and his liver numbers are higher than they should be. The vet thinks that it might just be a “burp” as he put it (these high-falutin’ medical terms, I tell you!) so he wants Teddyji tested again in a couple of weeks and in the meantime he’s having us give him a Milk Thistle herbal supplement which he thinks may help.

Husbandji is off today as well (stupid, minor, Tiamat issues) and he was going to drop off a urine sample at the vet’s and pick up the milk thistle. I am also having him ask the vet what exactly his concerns are about the liver. When I have more news, you’ll be the first to know!

In other news, I have taken another step into the 21st Century, and bought myself a Kindle!  My only peeve about it so far, is that the somewhat esoteric type of books that I like to read are not generally available in “Kindle format”.  Hopefully that will change soon.

I can also report that I am once again recovered from my third, count them, THIRD! cold in the past eight months! I was seriously starting to wonder if this is the same cold that I came down with shortly after my father’s funeral in November, and it just keeps coming back and back and back…..

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I will try to visit you all in the next few days, and in addition to my “meaty” posts, I will add some fun filler! TTFN!


Shower Update

Girls, if you can, always marry a handyman!

Husbandji was able to replace the shower handle so we can put away the pliers and use the shower like normal people again!

Plus that buys us some time in deciding on what to do about the shower itself. I’ll keep you posted as things develop!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Shower Blues

This morning, after Husbandji took his shower, he told me that he noticed that there was a CRACK in the floor of the tub!

The tub is less than five years old. Ack.

We had previously noticed what we thought was just a scratch in the tub. It has been there for quite some time, and we assumed that it was nothing to worry about.

But, oh yeah, I checked it out and it is definitely a crack.

When I got in the shower, Husbandji went down to the basement to see if there was any water leaking through, and fortunately there wasn’t.

So we assumed that we had a little time to find a bathroom refitter/plumber to have the tub replaced.

Except that when I finished my shower and went to turn off the water, the handle made a “snapping” noise and the water didn’t turn off.

Double Ack!

So I screamed called for Husbandji and he brought his pliers and was able to shut off the water from where the handle broke.

So now it is a little more urgent to have the tub and fixtures replaced.

Can I come over to your houses to shower while that’s going on?!!!! 😦