Judy’s Cream of Wheat!

A little known commercial gem! Enjoy!!


Do or Die!

Does anyone remember this old gem besides me?

No one did Disco like Grace Jones! Enjoy!!

You’d Better Work!!!

Happy Birthday Dolly!!

The legendary Carol Channing turns 89 today!

This Time I Know It’s For Real


Cha Cha Heels!!!

In honor of Ur-Spo meeting his idol, I give you this:

Because I Got Nothin’!!

Enjoy my Dahlings!!!


From a Distance

The one and only, Divine Miss M! Enjoy!!

Divine Once More

I adore Bette Midler.

But, for the past four years, ever since her 2004 interview with Larry King, and a follow-up interview with The Advocate where she basically stated that she didn’t support Gay Marriage,she has been “persona non grata” at the Ashram.

But all of that has changed.

In the most recent issue of The Advocate (out on newsstands now!) she gave an interview saying that (and I’m paraphrasing here), while it took her awhile to think about the issue,  she is now firmly on our side!

Welcome back to the fold, Hon!!!

Diva Friday

The one and only, faaaaabulous, Miss Rosalind Russell!


Sigh. Wasn’t she just divine?

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