Lavender is the New Black

Don’t you agree?


Upen Patel Tuesday


Hrithik Roshan Tuesday


Taylor Lautner Tuesday

Does this make me a Chicken Hawk? Who cares?! He’s GORGEOUS!!! Ten years from now…WOOF!!

Shah Rukh Khan Tuesday


Trouble at the Ashram…

It’s never a good day when two of the houseboys end up wearing the same outfit on the same day. Quel dommage!

In order to avoid any hard feelings, I always make them both take said outfits off!

And serenity once again rules at the Ashram…

John Abraham Tuesday

I’d much rather look at John Abraham than a silly old groundhog, wouldn’t you?

Mario Lopez Wednesday

I know that he’s a Man-Whore, but, I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers!

Akshay Kumar Wednesday


More Faaaabulous Upen!!!

Set to music, no less! Enjoy!!

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