Angie Baby

Remember this golden oldie? The beginning and end of the video are a little choppy, but, it is still an excellent performance. Enjoy!


Bow Down Mister

Boy George back in his Hare Krishna days!

Caravan of Love

I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet!

Remember Pat and Mick?!! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!!

Together Forever!

A little something from the faaabulous Eighties from the faaaabulous Mr. Rick Astley! Enjoy!!


Two of Hearts

Oh Stacey Q! Whatever happened to her?

Do or Die!

Does anyone remember this old gem besides me?

No one did Disco like Grace Jones! Enjoy!!

Star Wars Theme-The Disco Version!

Remember this?!!! It was, and still is, FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!

What’s On Your Mind?!!

Pure Energy!!

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