Isn’t he the cutest thing?!!!!!


More “Freakazoid Dog Ju-Ju” (As AZ So Aptly Put it!)

For the last two days there has been a stray dog roaming around the neighborhood.

I first encountered him when I took Teddyji out for his evening walk on Monday.

We had just walked down our driveway and stopped at the next door neighbor’s mailbox for Teddyji to pee on to admire the mailbox’s design, when I happen to look up to see this dog sitting not ten feet away from us!

He (or she) was just sitting there. He wasn’t being aggressive or anything and seemed just content to stare at Teddyji, but, it gave me enough of a start to pick up Teddyji and march right back into the Ashram!

I told Husbandj about it and let Teddyji out in the backyard (which is fenced in).

“What is the deal with all of these dogs all of a sudden?!!!” I said to Husbandji.

He was out there again the next morning, so once again Teddyji was let out in the back yard.

After Teddyji was back in the house, I went back outside to see if I could get the dog to come to me, as I could see that he was wearing a collar, and as I had mentioned before, he wasn’t being agressive or anything.

He wouldn’t come when I called to him, and I knew better than to try to corner him, so I went back inside and called my friends at Animal Control. The person that I spoke with said that they would call the officer on duty. I was home for the next two hours and as far as I knew they never came.

The dog was gone when I went to work, but, I didn’t think for a moment that Animal Control had come and picked him up.

And sure enough, when I came home that evening, I saw him roaming the neighborhood!

By this time I was convinced that he was lost, but, I didn’t know what else to do!

Calling Animal Control didn’t seem to do any good, so I tried to go out again to see if the dog would come to me.

Only this time the dog was nowhere in sight.

He wasn’t anywhere last night when I walked Teddyji or this morning either.

So either Animal Control did come by and get him, or he found his way home on his own.

Or he’s still out there somewhere.

I’ll keep you posted if I see him again.

And in the meantime, I’m sending out a prayer to Lord Anpu to see if I can get rid of this dog juju!!

Update on Me

I’ll try to keep this short.

Yesterday morning Teddyji and I were attacked again by the same dogs that attacked us a few weeks ago.

Teddyji is fine. I was bitten by one of the dogs in the calf.

This time some people in a house that we were near heard my screaming and came to our rescue.

They called 911 and they KNEW who owned the dogs, as other people in the neighborhood have been attacked by these beasts!

The police and Animal Control are involved, although after reviewing the city’s laws on vicious dogs, I don’t have much hope that the owner’s will get more than having to pay a fine.

And apparently the “owners” have had dealings with the law themselves (illegal possession of guns!), and their neighbors don’t want to make trouble because these aren’t the kind of people that you want to piss off”… 😦

I’m okay, except for the bite which is healing and I did go to see my doctor and got a tetanus shot. (We took Teddyji to the vet as well and he is just fine.)

I’m now waiting to hear if the dogs are up to date on their rabies shots. If not then, the dogs will have to be quarrentined, and depending on the outcome I may have to be treated for rabies, which I hear is a whole lot of fun.

I went back to work today but I’m still shaken and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel safe walking Teddyji again.  I have changed where we walk, but, I’m jumping at every shadow still…

I’ll post again when I know more. Talk to you all soon.

Not a Good Morning So Far…

Not the best of mornings so far my Minions.

I was walking Teddyji this morning and we were about a half mile from the Ashram when we were attacked by two larger dogs.

Let me start out by saying that we’re both fine.

I had seen the dogs in the distance, and I probably should have turned back as soon as I did, as I could tell they weren’t with anyone and they were running loose.

But, stupid me, I thought that they would just sniff Teddyji and leave us be.

No such luck.

As soon as they saw Teddyji they became aggressive and went for him.

I scooped him in up in my arms, which the experts always tell you NOT to do, but, I was sure that had I left him on the ground he would have been hurt or even killed.

Both dogs started jumping for him, and I kicked at them to drive them away.

The entire time I did this I was screaming for help.

And no one helped me.

Granted, this was at 6 in the morning, but, we were near four houses and I must have woken up someone with my screaming!

So much for good neighbors.

Finally, the dogs either got tired of me kicking at them, or they heard their owner call, because they both just ran off down a side street.

If I hadn’t had Teddyji with me, I would have gone after them to see where they lived in order to report their owner to the police.

As it is, I have no idea who owns them.

I did a drive around the neighborhood after I got Teddyji back home, but, there was no sign of them.

Nor have I ever seen them before today.

At this point, I don’t know if I should change our walking route or start carrying pepper spray or a baseball bat.

The whole ordeal has left me very shaken.

I’ll keep you all posted if anything further develops.

Because You Clamored for It!

More photos of Teddyji!!

Alpha Male

It’s become apparent in the last couple of weeks that, while Teddyji has bonded with us both, he prefers me.

This is a source of irritation to Husbandji, as our previous dog, Buddy, preferred me as well.

He mentioned this to me this morning.

Husbandji: “Once again I’m just the hired help around here as far as the dog is concerned.”

TigerYogiji: ” Oh Hon! That’s not true! He loves you too! And besides, I can’t help it if there’s something about me that just screams “Alpha Male”!

Husbandji: “There’s something about you that “screams” all right…”

And that’s when I hit him.