Lavender is the New Black

Don’t you agree?


Bollywood Thursday!

This is “Shut Up and Bounce!” from the film Dostana, featuring Abhishek Bacchan and the luscious John Abraham! Enjoy!!

Basic Black is Always in Fashion!

Don’t you agree?

Upen Patel Tuesday


Old P*rn Stars Never Die, They Just Go To Japan!

Apparently 90’s P*rn Star Billy Herrington is still very big in Japan!

 (Caution: Possibly NSFW)

Jon Erik Hexum Tuesday

Remember him? What a shame. Such a gorgeous man who died far too young…

Hrithik Roshan Tuesday


Taylor Lautner Tuesday

Does this make me a Chicken Hawk? Who cares?! He’s GORGEOUS!!! Ten years from now…WOOF!!

Shah Rukh Khan Tuesday


John Barrowman and Shah Rukh Khan Kissing!!!

Well, sort of…


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