Hrithik Roshan Friday





I think that this is a song singing the praises of Kwan Yin, but, as I cannot read Chinese I’m not sure.

It is beautiful though. Enjoy!!

Further Censorship


Hello My Minions!

Well, the imperialist overlords my employer seems to have put even tighter restrictions on web access at work today.

I couldn’t even access my own blog!

I’m not able to currently access any “WordPress” blog from work. I can access some “Blogger” blogs, but it is hit and miss. And for those that I can visit, if I try to leave a comment I am blocked from doing so!

So we will have to wait and see.

This has happened before on occasion, and within a day or two the “restrictions” have been eased. So maybe it will happen again.

If not, then I will be limited to blogging and visiting blogs only a few times a week from home, as Husbandji obviously doesn’t want me to be online for hours every night!

For now I’ll be setting up some “fluff” postings ahead of time, just to keep you all entertained. But any detailed blogging will have to probably wait until the weekend.

I’ll keep you posted.




Isn’t he the cutest thing?!!!!!

Paging Dr. Idiot-Wife!! Paging Dr. Idiot-Wife!!

Oh, My Minions.

What with all the drama with my father, I completely forgot to tell you about the “medical emergency” on Husbandji’s side of the family from last week.

Last Saturday, after we had gotten home from visiting my father at the rehab facility (by the way, he’s doing much better, and we hope that he will be coming home as early as next week!) there was a message on our answering machine from Husbandji’s brother “M”, asking Husbandji to call him right away.

When Husbandji called, Idiot Wife (IW) answered and told him that M had fallen on the ice earlier that day and hurt his wrist!

When Husbandji asked to speak to him, IW replied that she would have him call Husbandji back as he was “washing the dishes”!

When Husbandji asked her why he was doing the dishes with a hurt wrist she replied “Well! I cooked!”!!!


When M called us back he explained what happened. He had slipped on a patch of ice in their backyard and landed on his wrist.

When Husbandji asked M if he wanted him to take him to the ER, M declined saying that IW had looked at it and thought that it was only a sprain!

Husbandji replied, “When did IW get her medical degree?”.

Anyway, M wanted to see how he felt after getting some rest, so Husbandji told him to call him back if he wanted him to drive him to the ER.

Saturday night and Sunday came and went, and we didn’t hear from M, so we assumed that it was just a sprain.

The week went by and we were just so busy that Husbandji never got a chance to call M during the week. So it wasn’t until this past Satuday afternoon when we got home from visiting my father that there was another message on our machine from M to call him right away!

When Husbdandji called, IW answered and said that M went to the ER because it turned out that he did have a fractured wrist(!) and they would need Husbandji to drive IW to the hospital so that she could pick up their car and drive M home, because M wouldn’t be able to drive the car with his wrist in a cast!

When Husbandji asked IW why she hadn’t gone to the ER with M, she replied that M hadn’t wanted her to go with him because she “made him nervous”.

Well I can believe that!

So, Husbandji told her to call him once she heard from M.

About an hour later M called. They had only put a splint on his wrist for the time being as he would have to go see an orthopedic doctor first. So he was able to drive himself home.

And that was that.

Lesson learned by M. If you hurt yourself, go see a doctor. Don’t listen to your idiot wife!!

Hugh Jackman Sunday

In honor of the Oscar’s tonight!


Thousand Hand Guan Yin

The really amazing thing about this dance troupe is that they are all deaf!

Still Blocked at Work


Hello My Minions!

My imperialist overlords employer continues to block most of the web access to blogs and personal sites, so my postings going forward will be sporadic at best.

I can’t always visit your websites either! Somedays I can get through, others I can’t.

So, please understand that I’m not snubbing you.

Until the Glorious Revolution occurs, this is the way that it will have to be!

Talk to you again real soon!

More Upen!!

A faaaabulous photo tribute to my dear, dear Upen! Enjoy!!

Upen Patel Monday



I think that Akshay may have to take second place in my Bollywood heart! 🙂

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