Not a Good Morning So Far…

Not the best of mornings so far my Minions.

I was walking Teddyji this morning and we were about a half mile from the Ashram when we were attacked by two larger dogs.

Let me start out by saying that we’re both fine.

I had seen the dogs in the distance, and I probably should have turned back as soon as I did, as I could tell they weren’t with anyone and they were running loose.

But, stupid me, I thought that they would just sniff Teddyji and leave us be.

No such luck.

As soon as they saw Teddyji they became aggressive and went for him.

I scooped him in up in my arms, which the experts always tell you NOT to do, but, I was sure that had I left him on the ground he would have been hurt or even killed.

Both dogs started jumping for him, and I kicked at them to drive them away.

The entire time I did this I was screaming for help.

And no one helped me.

Granted, this was at 6 in the morning, but, we were near four houses and I must have woken up someone with my screaming!

So much for good neighbors.

Finally, the dogs either got tired of me kicking at them, or they heard their owner call, because they both just ran off down a side street.

If I hadn’t had Teddyji with me, I would have gone after them to see where they lived in order to report their owner to the police.

As it is, I have no idea who owns them.

I did a drive around the neighborhood after I got Teddyji back home, but, there was no sign of them.

Nor have I ever seen them before today.

At this point, I don’t know if I should change our walking route or start carrying pepper spray or a baseball bat.

The whole ordeal has left me very shaken.

I’ll keep you all posted if anything further develops.


Are They Kidding?

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has picked his VP.

People are already comparing her to Dan Quayle.

If McCain thinks that he’s going to get Hillary’s supporters this easily, he really is deluded…

Denton, U.S.A.!!!

I’m sure that most of my Minions have seen, or at least heard of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

But, how many of you knew that there was a sequel?

Way back in 1981, Richard O’Brien (the creator of RHPS and the actor who played Riff Raff in the film) created a faaaabulous “sort of” sequel called Shock Treatment!

It starred several of the actors from the original film, however, only two of the original characters were portrayed in it.

Brad Majors (Asshole!!!) and his fiance’-now-wife, Janet Weiss (WEIIIIS!!!).

Unfortunately, it never had the same commercial success as RHPS, nor did it achieve the “cult status” that RHPS came to enjoy, but it is still an interesting film!

It is available on Netflix, and I’ve even seen it on late night cable television from time to time.

Here’s the opening number from the film! Enjoy!!

There She is!! Miss Catholic Church 2008!!!

This story is just strange.

Isn’t “Humility” one of the vows that nuns take when they enter the Sisterhood?

Doesn’t this priest have anything better to do with his time? Like help the poor and needy?

White Tara Mantra

White Tara is an emanation of Tara, “Mother of the Buddhas” in Tibetan Buddhism.

Making the Bed

Husbandji called his brother “M” this morning to see if he was free to go out for coffee, as they often do on Saturday mornings.

M’s idiot wife (IW) answered the phone.

IW: HELLOOOOOOOO?!! (She never answers a phone with a normal “Hello”. It’s always a nearly screamed HELLOOOOOOO!!!)

Husbandji: Hi IW, Can I speak to M please?

IW: Ooooh! He’ll have to call you back! We’re making the bed!

Husbandji: Um, okay. Have him call me when he’s done.

He’ll have to call you back, we’re making the bed?!!!!!!!!!!”

What. The. F**k?!!!!!

Heaven forbid you stop making the bed long enough to have a five minute conversation with your own brother! You might forget which part of the sheet you were tucking in!!!

Now I’ve heard everything…

The Lady of Shalott

Something faaaabulous from the incomparable Loreena McKennitt. Enjoy!!


Goodness! It’s just been AGES since I’ve posted a Pet Shop Boys video!

Whatever is the matter with me?!!

Anyway, enjoy this faaaabulous little number from their “Fundamental” album!!

Hrithik Roshan Wednesday


Because Steven Just Can’t Get Enough!!!

Ah, the good, old, days!!

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