Drips and Drabs

Hello My Dahlings!!

What?!! Could it be?!! An actual posting from TigerYogiji and not just some mindless fluff?!! Oh, Red Letter Day!

But seriously folks, sorry for the lack of newsworthy postings.

Not too much has been going on around the Ashram, and Tiamat has been behaving herself lately.

In other news, I am going to become an Auntie Uncle again in the Autumn, as the Darling Nephew’s mother is with child!

Everyone is hoping for a girl this time, but, we will see…

In other news, the illness that wouldn’t go away is just about gone. I still have the occasional cough in the morning, but, that is it. Hooray!

Friday night Husbandji and I went out to dinner with our next door neighbor (the one with all the dogs).  She took us out to dinner in order to thank us for helping her out of a couple of tight spots in the past month. (It turns out that she and her husband are divorcing and he has moved out. So, while we are happy to help her out  every now and then, we’re hoping that it doesn’t get to the point where she’s at our door constantly. She seems pretty independent, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!)

Anyway, we went to dinner at a local Chili’s that had just opened in the neighborhood.

I was not impressed.

It was extremely noisy and the food was only so-so.

I won’t be going back there by choice…

In other news I spent most of yesterday afternoon doing our taxes, which, for a legally married gay couple in this country is yet another injustice foisted upon us by the conservative bigots in Washington!

Since we are married in Massachusetts, we can file jointly. But since the Fed doesn’t recognize our marriage, we each have to file as single.

BUT, there is a figure on the Federal return that we need for our state return!

SO! I have to do five returns!

1) A fake Federal joint return in order to get one figure!

2) A joint Mass return

3) A Fed return for me!

4) A Fed return for Husbandji

And 5) A Connecticut return for Husbandji because he works in CT!


I guess that’s all the news for now! After doing some chores this morning, we plan on a relaxing afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend kids!


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