Happy Birthday Dolly!!

The legendary Carol Channing turns 89 today!


It’s Almost the Weekend!

Make it work, people!!!

Let’s Groove Tonight!!

A friend of mine used to be freaked out by the electronic voices at the beginning of this song! She would say “Don’t let the evil robot voices get you!”!

Yeah, she was weird. Still is for that matter…

At any rate, enjoy!!

Mario Lopez Wednesday

I know that he’s a Man-Whore, but, I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers!

Tired Old Queen at the Movies!

It’s a Boy!!!

I shall name him, Mini-TigerYogiji!!!

He arrives in two days from Build-A-Bear Workshop!!! (Part of their “Year of the Tiger” collection!)

Shreiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik!!!!! 🙂


The color for this season!

The Survivors

More magic from Pet Shop Boys. Enjoy!!

Akshay Kumar Wednesday


Tired Old Queen at The Movies

I stumbled across this guy in my travels on the internet! Enjoy!!

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